Why Not Walk ~Sara Litardo - The Green List USA
I recently read a post in The Green List USA about the sustainability about electric cars. There were some good points, they are cleaner, less noise pollution etc. When I think about transition ans sustainability I start thinking about reviving the old ways and starting to appreciate the sustainability of them. For instance what happened in Cuba when the Soviet Union fell. The people of Cuba found themselves without any oil, no imports of food, the island was abandoned and the people had to make a way. One of the things that they did among many others is tackle transportation many of its citizens were use to traveling 10-20 miles to work before the fall of the Soviet Union then they woke up one day and there was no more gas. They got on their bikes and started riding their bikes to work. Now you can imagine what a pain in the ass "literally" that was. As they became more sustainable and independent their lifestyles yet took another transition they began creating community in which people lived and worked. Shortening the commute. You guys say what are the benefits to this? Well let me tell ya. Physical health, cleaner air, increase levels of energy and most importantly mental clarity. I have read that the statistics for the average Human on Earth walks ten miles a day. The average human in the western world is 3 miles per day. It is said the 5 miles will bring you optimum health. So with that being said I am going to show you some pictures that I took while I walked.

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