The Sustainability of Electric Cars
Marc Castro

The Internet is replete with articles and opinions on the environmental as well as economic benefits that electric cars provide to the individual car owner. Aside from these benefits, the electric car revolution can help assist in sustaining the environment to assist in its repair and recovery in the long run.

Lowering Carbon Emissions. It has been learned that the single biggest carbon emitter into the atmosphere is the internal combustion engine car. This though is not the only source of carbon emissions for the automobile. Each part requires massive amounts of fossil fuel use in extraction, smelting, forming, manufacturing and assembling car parts for the internal combustion engine. On the other hand, the fuel used to power electric cars are lowered because the electricity it can use to recharge batteries is taken only from the electricity provided to light communities and homes. The increased demand can easily be provided when electric cars attach to the electric grid because the recharging can be done during the off peak hours in electricity demand. Furthermore, because of the environmental guideline for electric cars, the materials use lowered the overall demand for fossil fuel in the creation of parts and other materials for the electric car. The increased use of plastics and polymers essentially cut a major portion of the carbon footprint in manufacturing and assembly of these green cars.

Lower Environmental Impact in Manufacturing. In conventional fossil fuel cars, the main components are steel and oil to allow it to be manufactured and assembled. This means that iron ore and other precious metals need to be mined large-scale to address the demands of the industry. The mining industry is known to be one of the greatest pollutants and environmentally changing activities known to man. Also, many cars are junked but much of its poisonous materials, such as oils and other acids are allowed to leach into the environment, leaving greater issues for the environment. This though is minimized thoroughly with the electric car. While there is still a need for preciously mined metals for the electric car, much of the design for the materials and other components use plastics and other polymers for a lightweight efficient car. As for the fuel and other essential liquids, this though is limited to just the lithium ion and other few materials used to operate the vehicle of the future.

Other Environmental Impact Factors Decrease. With a conventional gas powered car, leaking oil and noxious fumes are part and parcel of this car design. There are other environmental impact factors though that are associated with internal combustion cars and these are noise pollution as well as heat pollution generated by these gas-guzzlers. When the fossil fuel engine is running, heat is generated as well as noise because of the manner that energy is produced within the engine itself. This though is not present with the electric car design. Here, there is no explosion needed to generate energy but the electrical energy goes directly to the electrical motors of the vehicle. There is no residual heat or noise pollution that is generated with the electric car.

As can be seen, the electric car provides a sustainable environmental alternative as a mode of transportation. The carbon footprint is lessened substantially in the manufacture, fuel and other environmental impact factors, allowing for the environment to be able to recover and recuperate for many generations to come.

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Excellent points made here. My concerns with electric cars is the reliance on the electric grid. I personally would like to become less reliant on it. May hap a solar station would be a viable alternative to plugging in. I can see small green enterprise on the rise in those regards, but with out that I see further dependency. The positives of the electric car do seem to out weigh any negatives. Quieter, cleaner, and greener indeed.


Great post! Thanks for the useful information about electric car. Just like to say, you have a fantastic site here. Great work.

Sara Litardo

I have to agree with Tara. All though the electrical car is more sustainable then our current motor transportation. I would like to see us move to a more sustainable community lifestyle like they did in Cuba and not rely on cars at all.


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This though is limited to just the lithium ion and other few materials used to operate the vehicle of the future.


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