I am convinced, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that we can grow a wide variety of vegetables here in Florida, YEAR ROUND. This really needs to be done with some help. Most of Florida yards (or so it seems to me) have been clear cut and offer no real natural shade so our gardens tend to FRY in the summer months (and die back in the winter). Lets keep in mind that I am located in Zone 9. The die back is controllable, it just takes a little discipline to remember to get out there and wrap ornamental plants and make Hoop Houses for the rows (or boxes) (or grow in the green house). But now that summer is here and only going to get hotter, it is long past due to talk about shading sun sensitive plants and vegetables. Now there are many resources on-line for agricultural shade cloth, and that is very pleasing to me, but what if you are a do it yourselfer type and want to create your own shade. Where are we to begin?
Well YOU TUBE is always an awesome place for us to find many how to videos, so lets take a look...  These are just two videos I found, there are many more. There are a few things I discovered for making our own way with this.... Old screen... You may even have some laying around the house or have some old screens that have some holes in em. We can use these materials to protect our amazing gardens from our harsh sun. Use your imagination with this. We can take a ridged shade and mount it to some garden stakes. We can use PVC, just like Hoop Houses. If you have a green house, you can shade it with screen. We could make screen tents.
Another wonderful method I learned was to make your garden mobile, this way you could move plants to shadier spots when the time is right.
Over the next few days I am going to experiment with this and do an update. I would love to hear your ideas and see any projects you may have done.

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