First thing is first: if you want to live on your very own homestead; you must first define what it is you want . You may want total isolation, and live in a forest, or you may want to live in a community of others that live like you. That part is up to you, CLARIFY your desire and writ it down. We have been dreaming about finding a perfect homestead for us to settle on. I have big dreams about living and working on this amazing homestead.
My homestead will be many things:
1~ Self sufficient (as off the grid as possible, with the exception of Internet and phone communication)
2~We will raise all of our own food, from vegetables to livestock.
3~It will be 50 acres or more
4~There will be facilities for housing students,guests, and teachers; as well as more private facilities for myself and my family.
5~We will use natural building for any buildings we need to build. If the property has existing structures, we will restore them as best as possible to maintain the integrity and history of the property.
6~The land will have valuable water resources, ie. river or spring feed lake.
7~The design of the Homestead will implement Feng Shui and Permaculture design standards.
8~The Homestead will raise the food with out Chemicals, utilizing natures own Armour against pests. We will defend the livestock and plants from disease by breaking the triangle of disease.
9~There will be a smoke house for preserving and storing meats we produce.
10~We will raise Goats, chickens, turkeys, cows and pigs,etc.
11~We will have horses for travel on the property and to help us with large scale gardening.
12~We will have educational opportunities,ie. Permaculture Design Certifications, Animal Husbandry, Homesteading Skills,etc. We will be a place to learn how to become self sufficient in a responsible and healthy manner.
13~We will not only offer courses and classes, we will offer retreats for those that just want to get away and relax.
14~We will have Yoga, meditation, and Holistic practices available (we will subcontract instructors for anything we can not teach or perform ourselves)
15~Our Homestead will be on high ground with a good growing season. We will have green houses for the cold season.
16~We will be a place to learn, work, volunteer, relax, and grow.

Top 10 Tips for Finding Your Affordable Homestead

Make a list of your required criteria, along with what you’d like but isn’t necessary.
Focus on a particular county or region where you’ll begin your search.
Research free land opportunities.
Spread the word that you’re looking for land.
Scour local newspapers and Web sites for available properties.
Drive the back roads — knock on doors and ask questions.
Research foreclosure properties and government land sales.
Consider teaming up with friends to buy property.
Think of your long-term plans as you search for property.
Make an educated offer based on the market.

Nationwide Real Estate
We will find the perfect Place and we know you will too! Weather it be an Urban area or a Rural Area, weather you want isolation or community; the Perfect place is waiting for you!

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